Portfolio of Services

3D Inspection

  • contact and non-contact 3D measurements using portable devices
  • inspection of surfaces, dimensional control   
  • data processing, evaluation and analyzes

3D Digitalization and Reverse Engineering

  • Scanning of objects of all sizes: from small electrical parts to large objects like vehicles or planes
  • Scanning for the purpose of producing an identical part (CATIA, STL formats)
  • Creation and modification of triangular mesh
  • Creation or updating of CAD model
  • Virtual assembly
  • Statistical evaluation

Floor Mapping

  • Focusing on the key points of the production lines, as support for proper line builders during assembly process
  • Creation of Floor Mapp plan from the provided documents
  • Communication with the integrator of production lines and their design department

Production cell calibrations (grippers, clamping devices)

  • Adjustment of grippers and clamping devices
  • Realization of the metrological part when setting the landing surfaces of clamping fixtures, grippers and other tools used in automation 
  • Communication with the integrator of production lines and their design department 
  • Preparation of the measurement report according to the customer's requirements

Rental of measurement devices

Rental of measuring systems from the company's portfolio containing a wide range of devices from touch arms to long-range 6DoF Laser Trackers, including accessories.


Hire our metrology experts to solve your issues, to boost your existing team with our know-how or just increase your existing capacities to cover high demands with our professional and experienced technicians.


We provide professional consulting services in the field of dimension measurement using our experts with many years of experience to set up an effective measurement process, the most effective, accurate and fast measurement strategy.

Development of custom PolyWorks Plugins

Speed up your current measurement task with our customs Polyworks plugins. We can develop a custom-defined PolyWorks Plugin that can bring speed and stability in you daily measurement task. Create Poka-yoke process or semi automated of measurement processes within the PolyWorks software platform, leading to higher efficiency of your measurement processes.

Specialized trainings

Providing specialized training in the PolyWorks® software, as well as the measuring devices themselves, exactly according to the requirements of the customers and their qualified employees.
  • Professional training in metrological software

  • Professional training on 3D measuring devices