Automated Solutions by NMS

NMS solution for Aerospace industry


SMART Jigs Monitoring

SMART Jig Monitring is a solution for continuous monitoring of dimension variations of large-scale fixtures (JIGs). These jigs are mainly used in assembly process of huge aerospace part and are crucial for dimensional quality of the final product (plane). Our solution provides the possibility to integrate different sensor types within unique NMS application software enabling simple and clear visualization of results for the operators. It also processes measurement statistics describing the behavior of JIGs over time.
This solution improves the control of JIGs while removing the need of regular manual JIG measurements, thus making the production process more efficient and reduces the amount of waste and production downtimes within the production process (possibility of predictive planned maintenance).

Our solution includes the principles of Industry 4.0 and opens up new possibilities for monitoring in the production line. Precise JIGs form the basis for quality parts production. Traditional JIGs in this industry are now being replaced with intelligent ones. This breakthrough solution forms the basis for zero-waste production processes and brings a revolution in production.

NMS solutions for Automotive industry

Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, Škoda Auto Czech republic

NMS Inline solution

InLine automated non-contact inspection of parts in customer premises directly in the production line.

Main advantages :

- Immediate control of up to 100% of production
- Detection of random and induced deviations
- Optimization and maintenance planning of the welding line
- Overall tracking of production history

NMS Offline solution

Detailed non-contact automated inspection of parts in areas outside the production line.

NMS Atline solution

Coming soon...