About NMS

NMS s.r.o. is world leader in the field of non-contact 3D automated measurements solutions. Although we are based in Slovakia, our clients are manufacturing companies from all over the World. Our product portfolio includes innovative solutions tailored to customer's need from various industries, as well as stand-alone 3D measurement devices, measurement services, consultancy and staff training, or installation and maintenance. We work with the latest technologies and high-quality sensors from manufacturers with was experience in this field and transform them into innovative 3D measurement systems for industrial applications. NMS was established in 1999 and since then we have acquired valuable know-how in the field of non-contact 3D metrology and automation and with our professional team of experienced professionals we are just the right partner for any manufacturing company. Our customers come from various industries, including automotive, engineering, aviation, and power industry.

Our mission

The main objective of the NMS is to always analyze and understand our customer's needs so we can provide the best possible solution. Our goal is to make our customers satisfied, not only to be a supplier of some technology, but become you partner. At NMS, we focus on working with well established, world-class suppliers to guarantee the final quality and reliability of the final product. We know that with every new customer and new solution our company also grows together with the customer, and therefore we give it a big value. Everything that we build we can than control, improve and adjust to specific requirement if needed. NMS teams is flexible, adaptive and innovative, at the same time keeping in mind that quality and precision can never become a compromise.

What makes us different




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