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HelioSim, Profile Projector

NMS HelioSim

This software is state-of-the-art application using robust 3D graphical engine that provides unique user experience during usage. Very simple, yet powerful features make the work with this software not only fast and productive, but also very enjoyable.

NMS HelioSim is a SW tool to generate inspection programs for robotic measurement cells. designed to maximize speed and minimize effort for measurement programs integration. It combines NMS Metrology and Robotic know-how to minimize requirements for user that is digitized into one software. The core is based on high-end graphical core engine with precise industry-standard simulation and supreme video quality.

NMS HelioSim compatible with many robots and measurement devices, works with unlimited number of zones, robots or measurement sensors. (Kuka, Leica, …). Compatible with several inspection engines (for example Polyworks).

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NMS Profile Projector

Do you want to : 

  • ensure sufficient cable insulation thickness?
  • avoid material wastage due to high radial thickness? 
  • link manual cable insulation measurement with database system?

We have the right solution for you.

The Profile Projector measuring device measures the amount of insulation used in the manufacture of cables.

  • Profile Projector is developed specially for the cable industry to measure parameters of cable isolations in production and laboratory. 
  • Using the Profile Projector in production process will save up to 30% of production costs. 
  • It measures isolation dimensions of core, fill and outer jacket of all types industrial cables (round, sector, 3-layer, flat, overground cables etc.). 
  • The Profile Projector allows measuring close and open samples. It provides evaluations of geometric parameters according to the applicable norms: min/max isolation width, min/max outer and inner diameter and centricity.

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Products offered by NMS

Laser Trackers by Leica®

Stand-alone Leica measurement devices ideal for measuring medium-sized and large objects. They are typical for their extremely good portability ideal for measurement on the shop floor providing, inspection, analyzes or assembly purposes of various mid to large-scale objects. They enable measurement using different types of probes, like reflectors, as well as using portable probes or scanners.

Hexagon Arms®

Measurement devices ideal for measuring small to medium-sized objects. Products with a lot of added value, which are fast, ergonomic and easy to use. They are extremely effective when deploying dimensional control of various smaller objects. The portfolio consists of 6 and 7 axis measurement probing/scanning measuring arms in IP54 specification.


A software package for processing and evaluating optically digitized, three-dimensional data from InnovMetric Software Inc. It enables high flexibility in data collection, processing and subsequent analysis.