A Challenging Task

German Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, requires 100% output quality control of all key parts of the vehicle during pre-serial production with its new model Up! Most suppliers thus faced a new challenge as most of them did not have the technology, capacity or even know-how to execute the required deviation measurements. That is why the German car maker giant needed a reliable partner able to fulfill the strict requirements.

Choosing NMS as a measurement solutions partner was a logical decision. Not only for its geographic proximity in Bratislava, close to the Volkswagen site where the new model is produced, but mainly for the excellent know-how in the area of 3D measurements, years of experience and a well-trained team of specialists. Another reason was the knowledge of the automotive industry, as NMS has a history of long-standing cooperation with several plants of the German car maker group as well as with the supplying companies.

NMS took part in the precision measurement in several ways. It provided the technology, executed measurements and the customer´s staff tranings. That was not a routine task even for the customers, so they struggled to define the measurement task clearly. “We often helped with defining the baseline tasks – what has to be measured and why“ Michal Vereš, NMS Sales Manager, remembers.

Customized Solutions

The laser measuring systems offered by NMS are supplied
by the most respected brands in industry. With their wide spectrum of different technologies they can provide ideal solutions for all our customers’ measurement needs . NMS offers Laser Trackers manufactured by Leica Geosystems, optical systems by Steinbichler, fast and flexible Romer Arms. Solutions come with PolyWorks Software - the world´s leading software in point cloud processing - with a unique and very stable user interface. It is always customized to the customer’s needs – NMS´s programmers can change or adjust user interface to provide the desired information on the given process.

As the result, the operator in production does not need too detailed knowledge of the particular system; knowing just when to press the right button. Everything else is carried out automatically. This level of customization by NMS is sought by automotive and other industry customers. “The work effort, professionalism, ability for multitasking, as well as high-quality technical equipment of NMS experts have helped us to meet the requirements of our customers“, says Martin Macko, Quality Director at Tower International.


The launch of the new model was a success: all subcontractors met the requirements on time. Also thanks to the involvement of NMS, nothing stood in the way of the new line production. NMS now continues in cooperation with Volkswagen in Bratislava and also with Škoda Auto in the Czech Republic, which has traditionally worked independently in terms of measurement and inspection.

Along with the measurements for the production of Up! NMS has provided services and equipment to a whole range of companies in the automotive industry: at Tower International it helped with the measuring of welded subgroups, in Faurecia in Hlohovec it measured interior parts. The NMS team helped to achieve positive inspection results of roofs at Grupo Antolin, of interiors parts at SAS Automotive, at Johnson Controls, the seat producer, or of plastic bumper grids at Tecoplast.

Measurements for Volkswagen Suppliers

Faurecia Hlohovec

Measured Parts:

  • interior plastic parts
  • door panels
  • dashboards and its parts
  • driving wheel
  • bumpers

Technical Details:

  • measuring system – Steinbichler T-Scan
  • size of measured parts: 0,2 m – 1,5 m
  • required precision: 0,1 mm
  • size, shape and profile check
  • scanning the compete dashboard for colour map inspection, including measurement report – 15–20 min.

Grupo Antolin

Measured Parts:

  • interior upholstering for the roof

Important Technical Details:

  • measuring system – T-Probe with a single point for RPS calibration and a T-Scan for scanning the soft upholstery
  • size of measured parts: 1,5 m – 3 m
  • required precision: 0,2 mm

Tower Automotive

Measured Parts:

  • 100% output control of pressed plates and welded subgroups for vehicle underbody

Important Technical Details:

  • single point measurement with 6-axis measuring arm
  • 0,2 mm precision, CMM correlation – sonic and optical navigation to measurement points
  • measurement tact: 2 minutes
  • required precision: 0,1 mm

Plastic Omnium

Measured Parts:

  • metal bumper carrying jigs for painting line

Important Technical Details:

  • measuring system: T-Scan
  • required precision: 0,1 mm
  • reverse engineering – digitizing of the complying jigs and preparing or adjusting CAD data to their image

JP Plast (subcontactor - Faurecia Hlohovec)

Measured Parts:

  • revision of air conduit shape

Important Technical Details:

  • measuring system: Comet – grid projector and T-Scan
  • required precision: 0,1 mm
  • revision of shape of air conduit

Tecoplast (supplier - Faurecia Hlohovec)

Measured Parts:

  • dashboard parts, car door panels and bumpers

Important Technical Details:

  • measuring system: Comet – grid projector
  • required precision: 0,08 mm
  • checking shape and size of parts